Yogis get ill too

So you'd think that yoga teachers would be good at following their own advice? listen to their own words when they speak about choosing to slow down to ensure your body recharges.

This yogi isn't so good at that sometimes, and this is my public confession!

This past week I was taken down by the deadly cold that morphs into a sinus infection that morphs into a cough and fever. It's entirely my own fault for not taking my own advice to take that time to rejuvenate.

So this past week has been focused on relaxing, many bubble baths, naps, watching QI for many hours ( so much so that I now hum the theme tune) breathing exercises and gentle yin working on my Lung meridian. Disclaimer: there may also have been chocolate, hobnobs and wine involved; I am human after all.

Before this week my body was being asked to do all manner of exercises from climbing, to cycling and it had just had enough.

Now we are into the dark nights and just as dark mornings we can feel like vampires living in the night, take this cue to sit down and re-evaluate how much you have going on and dedicate time in your week, at least one evening thats dedicated to you. No plans to go anywhere or do anything for anyone else. Time to spend on your own relaxing, have a bath, drink that wine and watch dirty dancing, hey even go crazy and start watching strictly come dancing from series 1. Or for the more adventurous drink beer and stick on die hard !

As with anything balance is key, as i'm sure spending every week napping and relaxing would get old very quickly as id be fed up with the wrinkles, its also not good to constantly be on the go because that catches up with you eventually too.

So learn the lesson if not from yourself from me: find that time for relaxation.

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