International stress week

Supported Badda Konasana

This week is international stress week, I have already uploaded a short video to my IGTV channel to mark the occassion. ( If you would like to view it and practice Ujjayi breath with me head on over.The rest of the article will still be here when you get back)

Anything that brings mental health to the forefront of peoples minds is something worth celebrating. I could go on to research and mention statistics of how many people suffer from a variety of conditions, but we already know its enough to make it "normal".

That word: Normal. What does that even mean ?! I for one have never strived to be that word, I have always stuck out, and you know what? I love that I do.

It hasn't always been so easy to accept my weird and wonderful ways. It can be hard when you are surrounded by people that try and fit you into their box, attempting to smooth out your rough edges to fit the shape they have made for you. I have suffered from anxiety and depression, and have come out the other side a stronger and happier person, largely due to my yoga practice.

So many people spend so much of their lives making decisions on what will make other people happy, or make choices based on what others might think.

But how often do we make the time for ourselves ? Not much. We are all guilty of getting caught up in life and ending up drained, we wait for an illness to slow us down instead of remembering to make that choice naturally and allowing ourselves to re charge.

So here is my challenge to you, find 10 minutes each day for the rest of this week and just breath, it doesn't have to be Ujjayi, it can be any breath you choose. It can even be just your natural breath. Find space to sit down and just listen to it. Allow yourself to SLOW DOWN.

If you like pop a comment below, on social media or even message me to let me know how you get on :D

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